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System Removal & Reinstallation

A typical roof can last anywhere from 20-30 years, depending on local weather trends and materials used, but mother nature can cut that life expectancy down in no time, with a single hail storm, or heavy winds. No matter the rhyme or reason for your roof replacement or repair, if you have a solar system that needs to be temporarily, or permanently removed, TXSol has the most experienced and knowledgeable pros to get the job done. We will reinstall your solar system, with the dedication and overall goal to leaving your system in better condition than we found it.  

Take a look at some of the benefits of utilizing TXSol for your solar removal & reinstallation project.

  • Roofing Contractor Coordination
    • We’ll work directly with your roofer to coordinate the complete roofing and solar project, start to finish
  • Insurance Claim Coordination
    • TXSol will coordinate directly with any involved insurance agencies for required documentation and billing inquiries
  • Pre-Removal Inspection
    • There’s no better time to diagnose and inspect for any existing issues, than just before the system is removed. Our Pre-Removal Inspection ensures that any existing system issues, can be identified and repaired, prior to reinstalling your system
  • System Removal
    • Your system removal is coordinated with the roofing schedule, to limit production down time
    • Solar modules, rail, and any salvageable hardware is stored on site, at the homeowners discretion (solar component transport and storage available upon request, for additional fee)
    • For components where integrity is compromised upon removal, new replacement components will be procured and installed
    • The roof is left 100% sealed from water intrusion once all solar components are removed
  • System Reinstallation
    • Some roofing contractors require a certain amount of time for the roof to settle after replacement, so we’ll work with you, and your contractor, to schedule a reinstallation date that works for all
    • We install to the original installation plans and specifications, and make any code corrections along the way if necessary
    • TXSol will complete a post installation inspection and report, to ensure your system is operating as intended, and no discrepancies are present upon project completion

Critter Guard Installation

Roughly half of homes in which we inspect solar rooftop wiring, we can find evidence of critter nesting and activity. Large trees near your home are a good indicator of potential activity.  With a need to sharpen teeth and an attraction to the wire casing, animals will chew through AC and DC wiring on the roof. This can lead to shorting of circuits and complete system outages, which can take all or part of your system offline. Repairs after critter damage can be extremely costly and not covered under warranty from the manufacturer. With a critter guard installation from TXSol, you are completely mitigating this risk. We recommend critter guard installation as a preemptive measure to protect your solar investment. It is a metallic mesh fence that fits snug around the perimeter of your solar panels and should be a no-brainer for savvy system owners. Our method of installation also ensures maximum aesthetic satisfaction, which is hardly noticeable at all from ground level. Give us a call today for a free estimate or more information.

Contractor / Installer Support

With years of experience in the office and the field, our team at TXSol can offer qualified support in tailored methods to fit your needs. We take pride in our timely and consistent communication. Some primary services we offer are portfolio monitoring, service call dispatching, and roofer subcontracting for hail claims in which system needs to be removed and reinstalled [Enter link to R and R page over words]. We are skilled with site assessments, shade reports, and new installs. We offer competitive pricing and would love to discuss doing business together. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your needs, and how TXSol can help.

System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Knowing that an issue, fault, or error exists within a solar system is one thing. Locating, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and ultimately repairing that issue is another. When working with TXSol, you can rest assured that our expert technicians will leave your system fully repaired and optimized, no matter what problem you are currently facing. Through comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting, our team takes pride in our ability to correct any solar issue under the sun. Contact us today to find out how we can help your system get back on track.

Performance Inspections / Site Assessments

At TXSol, we offer an in-depth performance and site assessment highlighting your system’s current functionality and output production. Through electrical measurements, thermal imaging, visual inspection, and shade analysis we can identify any problem areas with your solar investment. Our clients will receive a detailed report of all findings and any recommendations we would give to address discrepancies or under-performance issues.

System Repairs

Blown fuses, tripped breakers, damaged wiring, poor connections, and water damage are just some of the issues that can arise after solar installation. At TXSol, we are trained to identify these issues and work quickly to repair associated damage. Our goal is to get your system up and running to maintain optimal performance. We use tier 1 quality components to make repairs or replacements, and ensure proper installation of anything we touch, leaving your solar system in better condition than when we found it. We generate a detailed report of work performed with photos for our customers. Our clients are never left in the dark.

System Monitoring Troubleshooting / Solutions

Countless solar issues go unnoticed every day, due to the lack of a solar monitoring solution, or communication discrepancies with existing monitoring systems. Every day a red flag involving your solar system goes unnoticed, means less and less return on your investment. TXSol can assist you in finding and installing the right monitoring solution for your system, to give you a clear view of your system’s performance and any related issues, all day, every day. Contact us today!

Component Replacement / Warranty Management

In many situations, failed or damaged solar components are covered by manufacturer warranty. If your solar system contains a component that has failed or has been damaged, and requires replacement, TXSol will work with the associated manufacturer to coordinate a replacement and perform installation of that component according to manufacturer recommendations. If your system happens to no longer hold warranty coverage, we will provide all related options and recommendations to procuring a compatible replacement that your system requires to reach full potential. Sit back, relax, and let TXSol handle your system needs, from start to finish.


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